This award recognises the vision of Pat Burnell and has been designed to encourage junior researchers from either academia or industry to present their work at the DDL Conference.

Pat Burnell was a key instigator in setting up the DDL Conference over 30 years ago. Her vision was for a conference that is accessible and inclusive to all. She was passionate about aerosol science and in her own words “those who do the research should present their work, not their stuffy old boss or academic supervisors”.

Shortlisted Authors will be asked to deliver a 10 minute oral presentation during DDL2023.  The award will be given to the researcher who, in the opinion of the DDL Organising Committee, has not only produced the best research but has shown that they understand and can explain their work.

The winner of the Pat Burnell Young Investigator Award receives a certificate and £500.00 prize funds.


To be eligible for this award, you should submit your aerosol science research topic while studying for your degree (BSc, MSc, MD, PhD, other postgraduate qualification) or up to 3 years post completion.

If still studying, you must submit an accompanying letter of support from your supervisor at the point of application.  This letter should confirm your course of study and suitability for being considered for this award.  You application will not be considered without this letter of support.

Please send the letter to [email protected]

How to apply

To apply for this award, you must submit a conference paper for DDL2023 when the Call for Papers opens.