Dr Gary Pitcairn                    :Nanologica AB
Dr Gary Pitcairn
Nanologica AB

DDL Conference Chair

Dr Omar Usmani                    :Imperial College London
Dr Omar Usmani
Imperial College London

DDL Conference Vice Chair


Nick Childerhouse                    :Independent OINDP Consultant
Nick Childerhouse
Independent OINDP Consultant
Michelle Dawson                    :Pharmaron UK
Michelle Dawson
Pharmaron UK
Ana Grenha                    :University of Algarve
Ana Grenha
University of Algarve
David Harris                    :Cambridge Healthcare Innovations
David Harris
Cambridge Healthcare Innovations
Yorick Kamlag                    :AstraZeneca
Yorick Kamlag
Jenny Lam                    :UCL School of Pharmacy
Jenny Lam
UCL School of Pharmacy
Prof. Dr. Regina Scherließ                    :Kiel University
Prof. Dr. Regina Scherließ
Kiel University
Alex Slowey                    :Kindeva Drug Delivery
Alex Slowey
Kindeva Drug Delivery
Professor Ben Forbes                    :King's College London
Professor Ben Forbes
King's College London
Dr. Gerallt Williams                    :Aptar Pharma
Dr. Gerallt Williams
Aptar Pharma

Conference Managers

Sheila Coates
Sheila Coates

DDL Conference Organiser

Nikki Evans
Nikki Evans

DDL Conference Organiser