A Device to Add Connectivity to a pMDIs Without Impacting Aerosol Performance

William J. Ganley1, Lucas Silva1, Nuria Manzano1, Nicholas Wright1, Ronald Nocua2, Adam Shain2, Marcus Bates2

1Nanopharm Ltd, an Aptar Pharma Company, Franklin House, Grange Road, Cwmbran, NP44 3WY, United Kingdom

2Aptar Digital Health, Cygna House, Opal Drive, Milton Keynes, MK15 0DF, United Kingdom


The use of digital adherence and compliance monitoring tools have the potential to improve the management of chronic respiratory diseases by providing the possibility of interventions when health care professionals cannot be present. A key challenge in developing these technologies is introducing connectivity whilst ensuring that the performance of the underlying inhaler remains unaffected. In this study, the technical performance of Fostair® pressured metered dose inhaler (pMDI) was tested with and without the HeroTracker® Sense digital adherence and compliance add-on device i. The results show that the dose, aerodynamic particle size distribution, aerosol plume characteristics and the dynamic resistance of the Fostair pMDI remained unchanged when the add-on device was present. This demonstrates that the potential benefits of adding connectivity with the HeroTracker Sense can be realised without impacting underlying inhaler performance.

Key Message

The HeroTracker Sense digital adherence and compliance add-on device adds connectivity the Fostair pMDI without impacting the aerodynamic particle size distribution, plume characteristics and dynamic resistance of the inhaler.