4 steps to selecting the ‘right’ delivery device for your inhaled therapy


Charlotte Harris1

1Team Consulting, Abbey Barns, Duxford Road, Ickleton, Cambridge CB10 1SX,


When developing a new inhaled therapy – the device you develop or select to deliver it, will be key to the overall product success.

If you don’t wish to develop your own device from scratch – how do you decide which of the many inhalation technologies on the market or in development, will be optimum for your therapy?

These four steps taken early in the process ensure you’re on the path to selecting the ‘right’ device!

  1. Align the team on objectives

Gain consensus and alignment on objectives for the device and therapy from stakeholders across the business at the beginning. This prevents surprises and disagreements in the programme and ensures alignment.

  1. Define your requirements

Device technology requirements should be defined and prioritised – and scoring and selection criteria agreed to select frontrunner device candidates. Commercial, user and technical requirements should be considered as all areas could impact the success of the project.

  1. Explore suitable device technologies

A thorough exploration of the technology landscape should include marketed inhalation devices, as well as devices that are still in development.  Focusing the search on a subset of these devices based on formulation or other requirements, will reduce the effort.

  1. Assess the technologies

Each device technology should be scored and reviewed against the selection criteria defined by your stakeholder group. This systematic comparison and assessment of the technologies will determine the impact of any modifications needed and help filter to a shortlist of candidate devices to be further assessed in detail.