DDL2020 Christmas Lectures Sponsorship

DDL2020 will host a number of Christmas Lectures from both invited speakers and submitted abstracts in December.

To submit an abstract please follow this link.

Our aim is to have accessible talks spanning the 3 days at specific times to enable all to log on and watch the presentations whilst being able to join in live Q&A with our presenters.
Whilst we could launch a large online conference with networking rooms and a virtual exhibition hall, we are opting for a streamlined event, concentrating on the science and giving those in the community chance to share their work.

We are offering sponsors a chance to support this year’s online event and we will be creating a Sponsor section of our virtual site, displaying company logos and links to web addresses for each sponsor.  The company logo and link will also appear on the DDL2020 page of our website following the online event and will remain there indefinitely.
There are many options we could have offered to our sponsors, but we feel trying to recreate the magic of Edinburgh and the buzz of the Exhibition Hall is sadly impossible.

The cost to sponsor the DDL2020 Christmas Lectures is £2,000.00 +VAT